As a volunteer with the Happy at Home Project you must agree to the following:

If in the course of your visits you come across or are told information concerning the personal affairs of the individual you are visiting, you agree to treat this information as strictly confidential and not to discuss it with anyone else.

The only exception to this will be if you felt it necessary to pass any comments or concerns onto the Project Coordinator regarding the needs of the person or concerns about possible abuse.

You also agree not to share the contact details of any person you visit with anyone else.

You should refer to the documents ‘Guidance Notes for Volunteers’ and ‘Safeguarding Policies’ (HAHVB1006) for further information.

t: 0330 122 1243

e: info@happyathomesouthtyneside.co.uk

Hours of Business: 9 - 5 Monday to Friday

Website Access 24/7

Representing 70 churches: Anglican, Baptist, Independent, Independent Methodist, Methodist, Roman Catholic, United Reformed

Registered Charity Number: 1153612

Happy at Home South Tyneside is a voluntary organisation and part of the Churches Together in South Tyneside charity.  We never charge for our services and are not associated with any other organisation that uses the style “Happy at Home”